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Saturday, December 13, 2008


If a special election is held, Republicans should convince Jim Edgar to come out of retirement. I know he doesn't want it, but I think voters would go for Edgar if they had the option.

Jim Edgar! Great idea. I'll cross over for him.

My only problem with Chris Kennedy is that he worked with the Stroger transition team. And, to put it mildly, I didn't like Stroger from his very beginning. Also, by the way, I think that Michael Sneed was deeply involved in the Blago corruption and have been raising a big stink about it via Facebook with other Sun-Times columnists and direct twitters with the Sun-Times. Their responses have been ambivalent. They won't openly say that she is, but then again they certainly don't deny it.

Kathleen moves a hop, skip, to Delaware. Then we have Caroline in NY, Christopher in IL and Teddy in MA.


Oh boy, Stroger is kryptonite. Well, my personal kryptonite. I didn't know Kennedy was in on that. Tax breaks for the Mart or something else? What was the deal?

Don't forget Patrick Kennedy RI and Governor Arnold Kennedy in California.

As usual, the plot thickens. Are there any Stroger relatives on the Mart payroll?

Correction. Michael Madigan, Lisa Madigan's father, is Speaker of the Illinois House, NOT Senate president.


Oops. Yes, he's the house speaker. Of course, Emil Jones is the senate president.

Let's not forget with Kennedy WHICH Stroger he worked for and WHEN -- it was with John Stroger's transition in 1994. Nothing wrong at all about supporting John Stroger in 1994. This isn't Toddler we're talking about.

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