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Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's alarming Dr X. As a long time volunteer, along with my 3 daughters, sometimes all I can say is life is so unfair, I mean after all that's been thrown my way, I end up bankrupt. A decade ago I would have been shocked to find myself at age 49 telling this tale. Best of luck to all of your friends this is happening to, it's just not right. (and it's why the billions of dollars Lilly has to fork out for those lawsuits fries my ass)I'm just a special education teacher with a disabled child trying to make a way in this world, and to hear of decent ppl such as your friends in an envious workplace situation be layed off is completely frightening and depressing.

PS-- I hope they keep volunteering. Just a couple of weeks ago on the way to take my daughter out from her residential care, I gave a homeless man gloves from my car window. I keep a stash in my backseat for these times. The man teared up. He didn't ask for money, and his hands are warm. Somehow, this has to count in this world. All I know is people with kind hearts and souls are that way, and when hardship hits, they find a way to help others more as a result. (Blessing in disguise)

A friend of the family in Minnesota was laid off a couple of months ago from a well-paid industrial job. At the same time his 401(k) lost half its value and he cashed out the remainder to make it through the winter. Bingo, 11 years of savings vanished.

With no health coverage he has had to stop the treatment he was getting for depression, too.

Worse, he pays child support, and if (when) he is out of money, he is still on the hook for payments under Minnesota law. He expects to end up in jail. At that point he will lose everything else he has accumulated over about 20 years of paying his taxes and child support ... furniture, bike, family items, even his pets. What a waste of an educated, experienced professional.

Who values human capital? Not Bush and his friends, who made this all possible.


...and to make it worse, he's a regular listener to the right wing talk show guys, so he doesn't know who's really behind his troubles.


"Come the revolution, we're gonna need a bigger wall."

I'm sorry to hear about that. This is going to be a difficult time for a lot of people. I hope that friends and neighbours and family can help each other through it.

Thanks Lilian. But "...friends and neighbours and family..." have been helping each other the past few years, which is why several of them are worse off than they might have been otherwise. I mean, it's a good thing to see, but what about the barstuds who for a generation have been hoovering the cream off the economy? I don't see any of them adopting a bunch of middle-class families.


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