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Friday, February 27, 2009


Thank you for this.

I especially liked the comparison with how parents must often let kids suffer through difficult decisions without rushing in to rescue them, etc.

I think it is like a Channel swim. The swimmer has to just do it. Sink or swim, literally. But at intervals, there are boats with the coach, cheerleaders, medics, dispensers of glucose, etc. who are like the shrink warning of going off course, exhorting, sometimes exclaiming "You are twenty minutes ahead of schedule, well done!" sometimes exclaiming "You're only 5 miles from shore, don't be a wuss, keep going." Obviously,it's an imperfect metaphor, but imagine the swimmer, chilled, exhausted, fed up with the whole thing wondering what possessed them. That boat looks like a haven. They want to climb out and be taken care of and soothed "Better luck next time." But of course that would be a disaster.

Or Whatshisname in Chariots of Fire who coaches Harry Abrams. A goes to him for one thing, gets another. Remember the coach agonizing as A is in the final race, can't bear to actually watch it, he is in such suspense?

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