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Monday, March 23, 2009


Of course I don't feel like talking after work, but I thought that was just the Y chromosome.

I like talking after work but only if it doesn't include the words:
"What's for dinner, Mom?"
"What are we going to say at Xs PPT?"
"What do you think the appropriate consequence for X saying STFU to his teacher ought to be?"
"What are we going to do about convincing Z to make the right decision about ROTC"
"I think you are spending too much money on tech toys"
"Perhaps if you spent less time on the internet or taking pictures you might have more time to clean the house...."

In other words, when I have been writing or working, I only want amusement or TLC, don't want to make any serious decisions or ponder anything depressing about the kids when I am first home.

When my dad used to come home from work in the 60s the dogs and I would go running out to greet him, all obviously thrilled to see him, and I would lead him to his chair,bring him his slippers and a newspaper and a glass of lemonade, then sit adoringly at his feet. He told me years later, how he used to look forward to our greeting, as he was working fiendishly at that time, and my mother was so out of her mind (literally) that he never knew if she would hug him or throw something at him when he came home.

No snarky comments about Oedipal issues...:) My point is, most of us would like a hero's welcome upon finishing work, and few of us get it. Certainly not working moms.

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