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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Interesting, but what about the weight issue. There are nowadays physically gorgeous young opera singers who sing as well as the hefty ones I grew up hearing. Is there any truth to the myth I was raised on that you had to be middleaged and you had to be fat to really SING? At least opera. Or was this just based on the historical accident of physical and genetic types who became famous opera singers over the last couple of hundred years?

I can't afford to go to the opera any more so I no longer care what the singers look like, and SB is way cool, but as I say, I am curious about the physiology of producing beautiful sound, beyond the whole issue of symmetry.

It would be nice if, in this anorexic-loving culture, something good could be found to say about people's "too-too solid flesh...."

Good recollection of the voice-symmetry connection, but you miss something important:
Susan Boyle is highly symmetrical. Certain unattractive details - her weight and style more than facial features - disguise that.

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