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Friday, April 10, 2009


It would be a real mistake to believe that these people were representative of the "Tea Party" movement. I'm sure that they are participating, but they are not the majority.

I don't know who the woman taking the video is, but it's very likely that she is a plant. Shouting out "burn the books" and when confronted immediately referring to books on evolution is a bit too obvious and fits a little too neatly with left-wing prejudices. Funny how the video, which she took, winds up on the internet under the title "A Very Special Book-Burning Glen Beck Tea Party". Wouldn't she have picked a different title if she were there in sympathy with the cause?

What should have Obama and the Democrats concerned is that these protests are not being organized by some activist group like ACORN, International ANSWER or SEIU. They are, for the most part, non-partisan events. The Chicago organizers turned down an offer by Michael Steele to appear and speak. I don't know what impact they will have, but I think that people are very angry about what's going on.

Here's a VIDEO from Reason.tv, a libertarian organization, putting the current spending in perspective.

Art, interesting thought about the woman, I doubt she was serious. Checking her Youtube history and profile, her agenda, if she harbors a conscious agenda, is unclear to me. She doesn't strike me as an explicitly political person. Maybe she attended out of curiosity and her impulse to ridicule got the best of her when the speaker started railing against college education. Just a hypothesis... knowing psychic life as I do, I'm not one to firmly wrap my narrative around a few data points. In any case, a few people applauded her comment. Hard to believe they were all plants.

I don't watch or listen to Beck, but I've seen enough of his clips that I'm pretty sure he attracts a significant number of low-information populists with those subcortical diatribes. At an event like this--one that attracts, for example, both Libertarian types (generally hi-info types) and low-info populists, I suppose these psychotic interruptions are inevitable (the man was talking about government mind-control using digital TV converters). It reminded me of more than a few cringe-inducing moments I've experienced at Libertarian events.

Now, though, I'm curious enough about this to attend one of these events in Chicago. Definitely will take some video.

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