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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm glad to know that Kass is good for something besides lining the bottom of a bird cage.

at least he admits that the Trib is the best material for burning if you want to start a fire

and he never says "Chumbalone" or "King Shortshanks" once. which I thought was nice of him, you know, considering that the mayor might want to learn grilling techniques

I notice that SecondCitycop has picked up on the Shortshanks thing. ugh...

And Kass's attachment to chumbalone is wearying. Alright, we get it. He's from da neighborhood--or some neighborhood. But, can't that Sicilian-American wife he prattled on about for years teach him a few more words of I-A slang?

da neighborhood, alright.

Oak Lawn as a child and now Western Springs (as in, between La Grange and Hinsdale). Tough life on the streets, I'm sure.

I think that the fake Italian talk is a way to pretend that he has half of the credibility of Royko. Those are big shoes to fill on page A2. It all falls apart if he doesn't pretend to know some "chumbalones"

Looking forward to being back in town from the 1st of August, by the way.

How's the dissertation coming along?

oh God, it was such a nice evening.

Why would you go and spoil it by asking an ugly question like that? LOL

It is difficult, to say the least.

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