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Monday, June 22, 2009


Not me. I detest people like a certain mad dog media hound financial pundit and a liberal talking head journalist I was at college with. They have gone on to fame and fortune on the strength of their self-confidence. I trust thoughtful, modest people who can admit when they are wrong, who are polite (tho my spouse teases me that the Godfather was polite!). AM repulsed by cockiness. But then, I invest in cash in a market like this, and in index funds generally, enter into no agreements more complicated than can be summarized on the back of an envelope and basically mistrust anyone trying to sell me anything. Our family generally trusts teachers, ministers, military types, policemen, doctors and owners of local small business. We used to trust professors (so many of my family) until campuses became so knee jerk liberal that free speech vanished (we are liberal on some issues but hate the PC climate of most campuses and trendy professors these days) . There isn't a single politician I would trust to valet park my car. Here endeth today's cranky comment.

Hmmm... Jim and Larry???

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