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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Dr, Bliss is loathsome. Don't even get me started on how many times I have started to post volumes in response to her horrible, snarky, superior attitude. She apparently treats only rich patients who are not especially ill and do not suffer unduly, and finds them congenial.

If I came into the ER with my psychotic, suicidal and violent child and saw she was on call, I would leave and take my chances with the police. Who would be more compassionate.

One gets no sense from her of pity or empathy for those who are emotionally distraught, bludgeoned by intractable mental illness, culturally, economically, intellectually, or temperamentally different from her. I would like to have made her spend a few days with the abused and disturbed kids I used to work with, and perhaps she might have become more humble, a little less sure of herself, a little more tender.

It is true that people shouldn't go to a doctor to be pampered or loved or babied. (tho who is to blame a sick or desperate person for hoping for some human warmth when beside themself, when their behavior has alienated all those around them, and they feel as if they no longer belong to the human race?) But they have a right to expect that a doctor will knock themself out, above and beyond the call of duty to help them heal, will respect, endeavor to understand and feel some measure of love for the child of God that they are. Medicine is a calling, not a job or a hobby. If it doesn't hurt the healer at least occasionally, it probably it isn't an instrument of God's healing.

Sorry to rant. One can't comment about such things on Maggie's because of a pair of trolls who frequent it.

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