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Monday, July 20, 2009


Good post and interesting article. The bit about feeling "mind @#$%ed" after dealing with someone is SO accurate. And having been gaslit. Thanks for a link to something one can read without the usual highway robbery of $15 a read...

X, how might I obtain a copy of Dr. Horowitz' article? (Without actually paying for it, I mean.) I've long suspected a connection between weasliness and mental disorganization.

Retriever, I suspect that the PPV fences of the academy are more intended to protect the aura and arcana of degenerate disciplines from the scrutiny of the uninitiated than to generate income. I mean, how many people actually plunk down cash for something whose value can't be gauged until purchased? That it drives us 'round the bend is a second-order effect.

Jerry, you could find it at a decent university library if you live near one. Otherwise, I don't think it would be available for free.

Good post. This could have been written about a coworker who is driving the rest of us bonkers.

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