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Friday, July 24, 2009


Interesting point of view, doctor. If we're casting the victims of rogue cops in assigned roles, aren't we also casting the rogue cops in assigned roles? Isn't that unfair to both?

I enjoy the photos you find and enjoy some of your blogs. I think by this tape, the policeman seems to not follow any kind of procedure. We can see what's on the tape. But you followed with an explanation from just the side of the young woman it seems. Do we really know what happened in the incident. She might very well be truthful, but we can't just assume that.

Very good post. That video was horrible--lucky for that poor woman it was filmed. Reminds me of the video of the drunk cop who beat up that bartender but who was ultimately convicted by people seeing the video.

You would know better than I, given your profession, but I remember reading once that the personality profiles of policemen and some criminals were fairly similar. The difference was that the cops had made the choice to be on the side of the good guys, rather than the other one. But certain responses to stress, and danger, and reactions could still be somewhat similar. Tho, obviously, most police are trained not to give in to impulses, and few behave as badly as the guy in this video.

One thing that occurred to me, altho no excuse for carrying out what amounted to a personal vendetta as this convenience store bully did, is that certain locations MIGHT be more likely to elicit violence from an officer. The more likely to be dangerous, the more likely the officer to overreact to a perceived threat? With this criteria, one could imagine the cop's kid telling him that a gang or some drunken kids had rammed him (to avoid getting in trouble with an aggressive hair-trigger dad. The cop's kid probably exagerrated. This got the dad's adrenalin going. THen they were in a convenience store and policemen often have to respond to robberies in such places, so even tho the kids he was mad at weren't criminals, the location would have fostered hyper-alert and aggressive behavior.

By contrast, tho policemen frequently get hurt when confronting abusive people on domestic violence calls, it is hard to imagine Crowley having quite the same fear towards Gates, especially once the guy said he lived there. Presumably Gates was not dressed in typical burglar type clothes or crack addict attire (very few malefactors breaking into houses are well dressed). Gates would not have had much real reason to fear that he would be hurt in his own home, once he showed ID, etc.

On reflection, I have tried to be charitable, and theorize that perhaps Gates was just exhausted from a long trip, had had long waits and hassles as everyone does going thru airport, just wanted to crash, only to have a damaged door, then on top of it all to have a cop suspecting you of burgling your own home. None of us are at our best when hungry, tired.

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