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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Having worked for agencies I've seen plenty of money wasted for awful "interventions" such as teaching scrapbooking to at-risk individuals. I would have preferred to see that money spent for infrastructure improvements like sidewalks.

Re: pot smokers. I have had a fascinating front row seat (personal and not clinical I must add) watching a true narcissist manage his rage and depression with daily pot use. His spouse actively encourages it because it keeps him calm and improves the quality of her life.

I am led to wonder about pot use by people with various personality disorders. It isn't the best means for dealing with the inner anxiety of personality disorders, but if it works for these people then they have found a palliative treatment, at the very least. It is certainly better for them than the benzos that MDs pass out like candy.

Admittedly pot use to control the anxiety of life and PDs is at the expense of developing better coping skills and learning to function as an adult. But perhaps that is too much to ask of many or most people. It may be a little too Brave New World to say this but perhaps pot is the best answer for some of them.

Just thinking out loud, of course. I don't use it because I don't like the feeling - but I can't say that I have ever encouraged a client to stop pot the way I have talked to them about booze, benzos or cigarettes.

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