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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Oh yeah. I have gone to several health care rallies and one counter protest, to a rally held by "teabaggers" (they used the name on their own signs) and it was the same kind of crazy. Except you can add screaming, cap and trade, curses, immigration, close body in your face ranting, abortion and Obama jokes to the mix. There is no point in talking to these individuals. You can tell who is new on our pro reform side because they try to have a rational debate and soon find out that "rational" and "debate" are not part of the "teabaggers" agenda. What they want is to shut down the opposition.

Did you see the Craig Anthony Miller interview on MSNBC? Miller makes Joe the Plumber look like a world class policy wonk. How much you want to bet he believes Obama isn't a natural born citizen and teh Certificate of Live Birth is a fake?

Are you trying to tell us that Taitz is as mad as a hatter?

@Mark H...I did see the interview and I am sure you are correct.

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