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Sunday, August 23, 2009


I saw a therapist years ago who was terribly sloppy about time. She would run over by as much as 30 minutes leaving the next person to wait. And she also has two offices and didn't always remember which one she had scheduled me for. I didn't last long with her!

I don't have a waiting room, but I am very prompt starting and have that big cushion in between patients so they don't run into each other.

One of my kids saw a therapist when she was about to graduate HS. This woman therapist was abrupt, rude and told my daughter re: her friends, family..."F-em". Yes, that was her advice. That was the last time I paid 100 bucks to have someone talk like she was in a bar giving "advice".

Good post, Dr.X, I am a punctual person, respect others time, and I expect the same in return, especially if I am paying for that time. I also believe in dressing appropriately for work.

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