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Monday, September 28, 2009


Re: "Judicial Arrogance?" -- I receive Gmail intended for FOUR other people whose email addresses differ from mine by easily missed or oddly positioned letters, and whose Christian and given names are the same as mine.

I get so many items for them that I have created a boilerplate reply that I send back to the originator.

I was able to follow the white knuckle medical progress of one of my "sister's" children (couldn't seem to get the attention of the originator for that series of letters but I am glad the child has recovered.) I got to follow another "sister" via her blog when she went abroad for a full year. A third "sister" has gotten me on the mailing lists of luxury retailers whom I would never have heard of otherwise.

The first year or so, I was alarmed by this cross-feed (they don't get my letters, I just get theirs.) But now we are comfortable with the odd situation. I guess my Canadian nationality has reassured them somewhat.


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