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Sunday, September 13, 2009


From my perspective (which feels like "the left," but then I'm in Mississippi where our left could be your right), both the booing and the remark from Lewis show a serious disrespect for the office. I think this is a lawyer's point of view, from the view lawyers are supposed to have about judges.

I had no respect for Bush as a man, but my respect for his office makes me think the booing in a joint address to Congress inappropriate (Not sure if this is coherent, but heckling anyone's political speechmaking seems far more fair game).

All that said, shouting "You lie" at a presidential address to both houses of Congress really did shock me and seemed an order of magnitude more in the pale. I'm not surprised that booing would be ok in England in Parliament, but saying someone lied would not be. I was listening to the address on radio, and was startled. The Washington Post's timeline connecting it to South Carolina congressmen resorting violence in the past really was comparable.

On the other hand, I think the House leadership should move on-- demanding yet another apology from Wilson is silly.

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