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Sunday, September 06, 2009


You don't see teeth like that today. We won the right to vote and the right to see an orthodontist.

I know what you mean. I was really taken aback by her teeth, and my own reaction was unsettling to me. Even more so because I work with many lower income people and I do see teeth like that and much worse. Even people who I wouldn't consider poor cannot afford dental care which is usually not part of health insurance or isn't worth what you have to pay for dental coverage...

Any idea where the photo was taken. I try to locate Sandersons. The name Rose is on my list. Her age seems about right.

This might be at the 1913 march in Washington, D.C., but not positive.

X: Thanks. I notice a lot of these photos come from Washington or Virginia.

I will save the photo. It may be the Rose on my list. If I ever find out.

I will also scan the numerous unidentified photos I have for that face.

Speaking of faces, look at the ghost just above Rose. A double exposure?


I'm not sure what that is going on in the background, but you're right, something is amiss above her head.

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