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Monday, November 23, 2009


No !@#A$ing way are ANY of my kids ever going to be allowed to smoke that !@#$ in my house. Not now, when they are under age, and if they do so after 21, it's their look out.

I am totally sympathetic to dying people and to cancer patients easing their sufferings or increasing appetite after chemo by smoking the evil weed. But apples and oranges.

Giving dope to a minor? Child abuse. Probably the same anti-psychiatry twits who say giving prescribed meds is child abuse. Sorry to rant.

Incidentally, the kids on the autism spectrum I know (all high-functioning, like my kid) are highly moral and law-abiding and despise stoners. They would not want to break the law, and would not want to become giggling idiots. Also, the kids on the spectrum that I know mostly tend to gain too much weight from obsessive munching as it is. Smoking dope would make them eat even more and be bad for them.

Tell us how you really feel, Retriever.

Okay: drugs and alchol are bad for anybody, but especially growing kids.


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