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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Did religious ideologues at the V.A. try to throw Iraq veterans under the bus?

Twenty percent seems like an unrealistic number relative to experience in past conflicts.

Anonymous sources for all too convenient quotes, and those quotes that are checked are unconfirmed.

Thorough and skeptical analysis of opponents political and religious views without the same degree of analysis and skepticism of proponents views.

They believed in streamlined government and free markets ... What has this got to do with anything?

This quote, more than any other, reveals the true motivation behind this article and undermining the credibility of it's arguments:

We had gone to Iraq because there were weapons of mass destruction stockpiled across the country, yet those weapons were never found and may never have existed. I had gone to Iraq thinking that was the cause. But if the cause had been wrong, what did that say about our role there, and mine?

He was an Army chaplain, he went to Iraq to provide spiritual guidance to men facing the stress of combat and deployment. He was not there to search for WMD. Nor, was that the military's primary mission, regardless of what the left says. He was there because the government - both the President and the Congress, with full knowledge of the relevant intelligence - decided to send troops there in an effort to protect the nation.

This part of the quote suggests that it is not "just the horror of killing", but the acceptance of the left's unsupported narrative that is driving these feelings of intense despair:

It’s not just the horror of killing, but its context. . . . If you’re fighting a necessary war, it’s awful. But it’s kind of what you got to do. Let’s take a war that turns out to have been unnecessary. And in fact your leadership betrayed you. That willingness to serve was betrayed by a leadership that lied and squandered that trust. The very moral fabric of your life gets ripped apart.

Perhaps he would feel better if he read a few articles like these, which were not widely reported in the U.S.:


UK Guardian

I guess that all of those ugly lies about George W. Bush are taking a very real toll on our returning servicemen, robbing them of the honor and sense of accomplishment they deserve for having liberated 25 million people from one of the worlds most evil regimes. The left must be so proud. Pathetic.

I'm quite certain that some soldiers are suffering from PTSD and I believe that they are entitled to the finest treatment and support our nation can offer, both secular/clinical and spiritual. PTSD should be a clinical and not a political diagnosis.

"Someone with a guilty conscience returned two library books to a Phoenix library with a $1,000 check to cover the fines. The books were 51 years overdue."

Actually it was a money order. It would have been a great story if he/she had refrained from signing the check to stay anonymous.

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