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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Lucky you with the 4G. Which carrier? ANy limits on usage? 5 gb a month? I am ready to ditch our rotten DSL. I pay so much for family cellphone and data plan, land line, dsl, when all I really use is the internet...Hate the phone, don't watch TV. But around here a 3 G card costs $70 a month and locks you into a 2 year contract and they only give you 200 mb a month roaming and I would be roaming whenever we are upnorth...sigh....

Personal trainers? Makes me think of the Far Side cartoon about aerobics in Hell. I used to be great about the gym when I ran. These days, just walk several miles a day and feel a slug. Good for you for working out.

I think the key thing is follow your dream. If you don't have children to support. Doesn't matter how you earn your living if you are near decent people and stimulated mentally and see something beautiful. And can be useful.

I had a job at minimum wage scooping ice cream while I was doing my chaplaincy residency. I wasn't a great fan of ice cream myself at the time...I was horrified, tho, by discovering how hard it actually is to make a living in the food business. FOr someone like me who loves to cook, and cooks to express love, it was disillusioning to see how every time you give generous portions or use quality ingredients, you jeopardize your profits...

If I didn't have dependents, I would give up this hideous suburban house (in it for the sake of the school district) and this job (for the health insurance and to feed the family) and go keep goats, chickens and a miniature cow and grow vegetables and fruit up north. Subsistence farming, and try to develop a small cash crop for pin money and to install some kind of internet (none up there now except neighbors have satellite which they say is slow and unreliable)

The 4g is with Clear Wireless. No limits on usage, locally. I believe coverage is limited to a few start up cities, which is fine. I don't need it for travel. I'll post my rave or my grumble after I give it a trial run.

A subsistence farm with an internet connection sounds good, but I would like health in the mix. Barter anyone?

Living on the coast of Maine is a wonderful thing -- but we won't see 4G for many years here.

Industrial and organizational psychology -- ahh, I see.

It takes guts and talent to change careers later in life, and often it doesn't work (that's why it takes guts.)

This is one thing that annoys me when consultants airily recommend that unemployed workers simply retrain for other work. Retraining and then resettling into a new career takes a good chunk of time and money, neither of them plentiful after age 50. Allowing three years for each attempted transplant to another career, an older worker might manage three tries -- or might run out of money or become depressed before any of them takes.


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