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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


No correction that reports of this being an attempt to 'tap' phones were untrue?

Liberal media sources from MSNBC to Media Matters to the Washington Post have been backpedaling with apologies and corrections.

Looks like these young men were performing the terrorist deed of showing that Sen Landrieu's excuse that constituents could not get through to her office to voice objection to her health care graft because of faulty phone lines was bogus.

The most hilarious thing of all was liberals trying to brand this as the new Watergate.

Find the video of Andrew Breitbart completely owning David Schuster of MSNBC on his lies, distortions and juicy tweets on an issue he claims to have not taken a side on. Hilarious.

So what's your point? Do you approve of private citizens illegally entering Senate offices under false pretenses?

As for "Liberal media sources from MSNBC to Media Matters to the Washington Post... backpedaling with apologies and corrections," you may not have noticed that conservative media outlets also reported that O'Keefe was arrested for attempted to bug Landrieu's office.

The conservative public relations strategy is, as always, to blame the liberal media and hope that no one will notice the real wrongdoing.

My Gitmo comment (just like my 'lawyering up' comment) was sarcasm directed at those conservatives who use the threat of terrorism at every turn to justify the legal overreach of authorities. I'd be the last person to seriously suggest that these men should be charged as terrorists or sent to Gitmo.

But if liberal activists were caught in a Republican Senator's office--one who works with Homeland Security--under similar circumstances, I have no doubt that the conservative noise machine would be barking about threats to homeland security--not sarcastically, but in all seriousness.

Instead of creating distractions from the problem of O'Keefe's illegal actions with a lot of whining about the liberal media, honest conservatives should forthrightly denounce O'Keefe's actions.

Congratulations, you completely missed my point, but you illustrated the difference between the liberal and more fair-minded media outlets. MSNBC and Media Matters only issued corrections after being berated by bloggers, the others quickly and openly removed the claims as soon as they saw it was msm sensationalism.

You indict yourself by attacking me instead of correcting your smear. Your post above still says they were arrested for attempting to 'tap' phone lines, which has been proven untrue for days, just like MSNBC and Media Matters did until forced by embarrassment and exposure to correct.

Were you going to just let the false story lay there? If you ever do correct it are you going to just make the smear disappear or are you going to say something about getting it wrong at first, like a reputable site would?

You should thank me for helping you correct an error and remove a smear, instead you get mad and take shots at the messenger. Your photos are great but your political/moral thinking needs some help.

Good luck with that.

Reply: How about this, Harkin. Why don't condemn criminal behavior, instead of freaking about errors on the part of people reporting on criminal behavior? O'Keefe is a slimeball. His act established that he feels free to lie about his little operation, so at this point I have no reason to trust his feeble explanations.

The fact is that O'Keefe and his friends are accused of illegal entry by posing as phone repairmen and asking for access to the phone room in US senator's office. O'Keefe's defense strategy is pretend that this was all somehow innocent and, more audaciously, to claim that he is somehow the victim. Please.

Nonetheless, if you had just pointed out that the charges I described were incorrect, and actually pointed me to a reliable source that said so, I would have posted a correction.

Harkin is parroting the ginned up outrage per Breitbart and the extremist loon blogs.


Even Michelle Malkin rejects their idiotic reaction. Malkin writes that this is not a time "to recklessly accuse Democrats/liberals of setting this up -- nor a time to whine about media coverage double standards."

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