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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I applaud Obama's willingness to actually talk to Republicans but remember that the only reason this happened is because he just got his head handed to himself in Massachusetts.

The same guy who campaigned on bi-partisanship and reaching across the aisles was having a face-to-face discussion with most of these members of the Congress FOR THE FIRST TIME.

We are really witnessing something extraordinary, a President with a super majority, both houses of the Congress and a news media almost completely in the tank for himself completely failed because he provided absolutely no leadership, instead handing Pelosi and Reid over a $trillion of spreading around money to democratic interests which had no effect on the private sector, where true economic success (and tax revenue) is generated. And while you may shake with glee as he blamed Bush for the deficit he inherited, remember that it was a democratic congress since 2006 that helped (he also remained mum on his record deficit this year).

I personally think his SOTU promise to double down on these failed policies is a recipe for disaster. The real question now is will Republicans be able use his failure as a means to bring common sense and pragmatism back? Only time will tell but it won't be from inside Wash DC that they get the truth, it will be from the people.......like the republicans, independents and yes, democrats in Mass who refused to agree that more government is the answer.

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