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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Mullen seems (Wiki) to have been a competitive diver for years. He was in the Olympics in 1920.

That platform is very high.

I suspect few of the stout-hearted men of the athletic club tried it. Or should have.

The NYAC has an astonishing record when it comes to Olympic athletes. Members have taken home somewhere around 140 gold medals and numerous silver and bronze medals. Their history page says that they sent 39 athletes to Athens in 2004, winning 5 gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze medals in that Olympiad alone.

I can't be certain, but it looks to me that below where the tower bends, is actually it's reflection in the water. Either way, nice catch in finding the postcard to match the photo.


Thanks, you're right. It is the reflection of the lower part of the tower in the water.

Kevin: Good call.

I was puzzled by the odd construction of the tower on the postcard. It didn't make sense. But I didn't look as closely as you or think of a reflection.

I assumed the artist had just added rocks and changed the water level to make a prettier picture.

Even now I find it very hard to see the tower base on the postcard. Or how to get that reflection.

Seeing the reflection is definitely tricky.

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