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Sunday, March 21, 2010


You are too charitable. Part of the reason we don't have the great wireless and other digital services here is simply the larger size of the distances in this country. But the main reason is that the phone, cable, and DSL providers are making a fortune selling us crippled services and duplicative services, and charging us for every "extra".

Their billing is misleading (with all the taxes and surcharges added onto the advertised monthly rates). We are forced into lengthy contracts. We have several different wireless phone systems so can rarely bring an old phone over when we change providers. I could go on, but basically we continue as we are, because people are making lots of money from us as things presently are.

I do envy you the 4G. Not yet available here (perhaps soon). But not anytime soon up north. Still no ability to get anything except slow satellite at vast expense up there for internet. A wireless broadband card up there would work (as it's the same frequency as my blackberry or Iphone) but we would be charged a fortune as it's considered roaming and we are limited to about 200 mb a month (!!!) and locked into a 2 year expensive contract if we signed on...

It's interesting that in many workplaces now there is hostility between the older dinosaur manager types who only talk on their cellphones (and that rarely) and the younger or more techy employees who mostly use them as mini-computers and surf and text from them. The workers often are used to being always "online" and use smartphones to be so. The managers freak out, and ban phones (in my workplace) because they cannot conceive of a person being able to work productively but still wanting to be connected.

One doesn't use an employer's phone or computer any more now that they are all monitored and records of the sites or messages kept.

I also think that even many people besides the young have seized on smartphones because their work has become so stressful, and unrewarding, that one values even occasional reminders of people or things outside the workplace.

People snark about Crackberrys, but life in most of our cities and suburbs is dreary, competitive and unfriendly most of the time. One is glad to tune it out a lot of the time, and connect with more sympsthetic people online. SOrt of a modern day "Beam me up , Scotty..."

But, in my case, the mobile computer is mostly a lifeline with a disabled kid and ill family members, being reachable and able to contact them privately wherever I may be.

Wow. I'd be interested in this! Where can I learn more about it?

Just go to Clear.com

I believe you can check to see if they have it in your area. They are still setting up the system in Chicago, so it doesn't reach all of the suburbs yet. Fortunately, it does cover the areas I frequent.

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