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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


And then there are working stiffs like me who are angry that my kids can't find part time work (when they are willing and able to work) because illegals have all the entry level jobs. And who are angry that businesses lobby for the health insurance plan so that tax paying Americans like me can pay for the health care of illegals. For years, I have had to pay extra on top of my copays and insurance premiums (in the form of extra charges periodically levied by our local hospital) to cover the uninsured. And they are not uninsured native born Americans who have fallen on hard times, but recent immigrants. Call me a nativist if you like, but where I live there is a whole cash only subculture of people who pay no taxes but extract numerous entitlements. To take the smallest two examples: were I to lose my job, I would not get free clinic care if I could not afford my COBRA copayments, but a recent illegal would. Also, for years, when my spouse was long term unemployed, and receiving no benefits whatsoever, we would have been eligible for all kinds of entitlements like WIC, food stamps, free summer camp tuition, scholarships to after school sports programs, etc. We chose not to mooch off our neighbors and did without or dug into dwindling savings. The recent immigrants in our area had no such scruples.

The scam I saw the most often at first hand in a local social service agency was when illegal alien females would come in and claim to be the victims of domestic abuse. I am not such a racist as to believe that Hispanic men are as viciously cruel as their sheer numbers would suggest. I never saw a bruise or broken limb. They were taking advantage of a loophole that made them eligible for all kinds of benefits, even if illegal, if they were (claiming to be) victims of domestic violence. I don't deny that abuse occurs, but it is used as a scam around here.

Sorry to be such a crank.

Oh, and my friends' kids are having incredible difficulty finding work out of college. They would do anything, but there is always an illegal or a richer or more connected person in the job ahead of them.

My views on immigration is that we should let in genuine victims of political persecution, but not those here simply for economic reasons. We should let in people with skills we need and value. For example: we don't have enough child psychiatrists and psychologists. We should let in people from culturally compatible countries to serve. We need more (and better ) math teachers. We don't need more nannies and gardeners and laborers.

Back to my Neanderthal lair.

"were I to lose my job, I would not get free clinic care if I could not afford my COBRA copayments, but a recent illegal would."

Under the health care reform bill, you will be eligible for income-contingent insurance coverage through your state insurance exchange if you can't afford to make your COBRA payments.

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