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Monday, May 31, 2010


That is a very good article, explaining how to talk to a grieving parent, as well as highlighting the meaning of this day.

Good point referencing 9-11 in comparison, and it probably did make it a segway into 'kick off to summer' holiday weekend by have it the last weekend in May.

Reading the article, and how sometimes a simple 'thank you' is all that is needed, reminded me off the days after 9-11 and, and a very large public memorial tribute. My teenage daughters and friends went to collect money for Red Cross, by playing violins. I stood and observed this crowd and there were firemen and their trucks, lined up and all looked so solemn. I walked over to the group and reached my hand out and said, "Thank you". The fireman's eyes welled up and he hugged me.

Grief is a twisting, turning and compelling emotion, that can destroy one's inner self if not channeled in some way. I read this article and wonder about how many grief-stricken families, or parents get through the day, without being a casualty themselves in a way.

Excellent. Thank you for this thoughtful posting. I thought I was one of the few that didn't "get it" with the festive atmosphere so often associated with the holiday.

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