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Monday, May 17, 2010


WOW1 One thing that was a revelation to me when I had my own babies was how temperament is innate, and present when they are first out. I would watch kids from the neighborhood in our local play group (from one family room to another a couple of times a week, while we gossiped and traded nursing or sleep deprivation stories) and the germ of the adult personality was already there. Not that parenting and externals don't make a difference. But the basic inclinations, the response to stimuli, stress, opposition, longing, etc. are hardwired. The kid who wacked others with his wooden hammer as an eight month old crawler, grew up to be a bully (and a drunk to boot). The oversensitive girl grew up to struggle with suicidal depression. The sunny girl who laughed after being knocked back on her head by a jealous sib, grew up strong, resilient, warm...happy.

I just wonder where the toddler get the idea to smack a the puppet...?

Amazing. The foundation for a sense of right and wrong is already evident in children that age.

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