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Friday, June 25, 2010


I still ask for paper! i recycle because i use the bags for the recycling bin items in the house, then the whole thing goes into my big recycle bin.

Now I have another reason to keep forgetting my reusable tote bags!

For folks like us who have dogs in a semi-urban environment, and who clean up after our dogs, are still happy to get the plastic bags others dread.

The bags are not environment-friendly, but neither is what our dogs leave behind if not picked up and left for others to find; and we don't care if we clean up after the dogs with bacteria-laden plastic bags.

For us, it is a good use of those nasty bags from the store, and we aren't buying plastic bags made specifically for the job.

The store is already handing out the bags, we are simply giving them a second use before disposal (although they will end up somewhere and never decay).

Not a perfect solution, but it works, and you can still walk barefoot where we walk our dogs.

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