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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Your posts about narcissism are illuminating for a layman, particularly one like me who has a lay (possibly mis)understanding of the concept.

As lawyer, recently, I've been dealing with problems presented families of autistic children lately. Varying degrees of being able to empathize or not-- whether from the side of the children-- who are literally victims in the case-- or the side of a number of clueless school administrators unable to even attempt to understand how someone might see the world in a way they don't-- and something about this post brings that to mind.

I was also reminded of the saying that even a dog can tell the difference between being accidentally and intentionally stepped upon.

There is, too, a distinction to be made between being sorry because you recognize your fault in doing something, and being sorry because, now caught, you have regrets--though the regret might be simply having been caught in doing a wrong. I am always amazed when I read in the papers that a judge has given a fairly stiff sentence because the convicted person has shown no remorse. Lawyers: make sure to tell you cliet to indicate remorse, whether or not he feels remorse.

My ex-husband always insisted when he did something hurtful that he should not apologize because he didn't intentionally hurt me. I tried to explain why he should apologize but he didn't get it for 16 years.

He finally got it when I intentionally divorced him.

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