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Monday, August 16, 2010


Glad you reposted these. Like Laura, I hate horror moves. I think the evolutionary rehearsal explanation is interesting, but I still won't go to one.

The stuff on abstinence is stern. Tho good. Probably easier for people in big cities to abide by. I think a curious, sociable, friendly person like myself would find it a brick wall. "but what what harm would it do to tell me if you like to bake?"

Just being flip, tired.

Excellent post. More like it, please! :)

I should add that the level of anonymity that Langs would prescribe, even if one considered it desirable, would be a practical impossibility in a small community. Small town therapists run into patients all the time. It's unavoidable.

And these days the internet is rendering anonymity all the more impractical, even in the city.

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