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Thursday, August 05, 2010


Ditto with other sorts of "poor" foods. In the early 70s I could get chicken wings at throwaway prices, and used to make a good soup out of less than $1 worth of them. Then they became bar food and zoomed out of my reach. Ox tails, beef shank, even soup bones have been priced up to equal or more than ordinary meats like pork steaks and stewing beef.

By the time I was trying such things, lobster was already being presented as a luxury food, and I tried to like it, but with no luck.

I wonder what's cheap now, that could be PR'd up in price. Tripe? liver?


I'd forgotten about chicken wings. At one time they practically gave them away. Then along came Buffalo wings.

I did come to like lobster as a teenager, but I remember having a hell of a fight with my mother about trying lobster when I was age 3 or 4. She insisted that I try a lobster tail, but I refused. The exoskeleton completely freaked me out. At the time we lived a couple of blocks from some major commercial fishing docks. Lobster must have been more affordable then because my mother bought live lobsters quite often from the markets where the boats unloaded their catch. Seeing them alive before they were cooked also bothered me.

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