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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Why do you say the comments about the photo are more interesting than the photo itself? Why is that so? Tell us why instead of simply asserting.

Hi Fred,

Sorry for the lack of explanation. I uploaded that on my netbook--difficult for me to use for posting because the screen is so small. I was messing with virus problems on my regular machine. It was trouble enough for me to locate a photo (I don't store or work with photos on the netbook).

I thought the business itself was an interesting idea, given that this was during the depression. It seems like a more contemporary service, the kind of thing people might use when they've got some extra cash. The nurses did have a sliding fee scale, perhaps a concession to the tough times or maybe a more commonplace practice for people in health care professions at the time? Don't know. My grandfather was barber during the depression and he used to give unemployed people freebies because he thought a shave and haircut lifted people's spirits. I also wondered what led these women into this business. Were they themselves having trouble finding employment? Did they chuck their jobs because this was something they saw a market for? And I wondered if this turned out to be a viable enterprise.

Last, I was amused by the description of one of the women:

new business just started here by a woman who looks rather like a baby herself

Somehow I can't imagine attaching that bit of commentary today.

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