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Sunday, August 15, 2010


All true; I'm guessing that beverages and substances involved may have reduced risk-aversion as well.

That didn't even occur to me. Of course.

The booze was my first thought. Also, people may be taking more chances generally, a kind of a WTF rather than depression, because of the awful state of the economy, job losses, etc. Such events are really the bread and circuses of our age.

Alcohol is consistent with convergence theory. Like-minded collecting in a group.

I was there. Everyone was standing too close to the course, not just the people at the rock pile. I thought to myself it might not be safe, but if you didn't stand close you couldn't see through all the people gathered on the sidelines.

People were drinking (not me), but that wasn't the cause. If you didn't stand close, you couldn't see.

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