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Monday, September 06, 2010


This is fascinating. There is so much to chew on, even outside of our current political conditions. I am adding Klein to my Amazon wish list.

Too long.................

Excellent and just right in my opinion.

These are not concepts I expect anyone could reduce to 1 or 2 paragraphs with such insights being provided.

Thank you for the excellent articles and photos - looking forward to part III

Excellent article and thank you putting the information into a format that is understandable on a layperson's level. While less is sometimes more, this was just right, IMO. I look forward to part III.

Part 1: excellent Part 2: Excellent +.

I second Razor Redux. Complicated information explained with unusual clarity for the layperson. The examples (esp. therapy roles), were very helpful.

Thank you Dr. X – what a refreshing and perceptive read… Can’t wait for part 3 – Yes, I too “ …'m just plain sick and tired of the escalating enactments sans self-reflection.”

Long for a blog post, but I concur with the others. Very well done.

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