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Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm in no position to throw stones, as I frequently other-ize myself. However, I could let her look after my kid on the spectrum for a week and that might give her a reality check....

Last week, at work, a woman came to the counter and was being helped by a co-worker and I was nearly overcome by rage remembering the woman trying to kick my kid out of our elementary school's after school program for his weird behavior (ten years before). I said that he wasn't hurting anybody and it was diagnosis related. She said it made people uncomfortable. I said tough. She said he would have to leave, it was a private program, run by our local Civic Center. I smiled sweetly and said that since it was held on school property, Federal ADA law applied and that she would hear from lawyers if she showed any more prejudice towards my kid. She went pale and shut up. I let her feel bad and leave, having learned a lesson. A week later, I withdrew my kid from the program because I didn't want him somewhere where he wasn't wanted. We had hoped that he would learn something socially playing with typical kids, but let him go home with his dad (I was at work) and play with the dog. Better to be with those who loved him. Some people will never get it.

But everyone has blind spots. I am not always sensitive to people's feelings about conditions that I view as self-inflicted.

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