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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Such a lovely young lady ! What a waste!

Is that an old netbook computer behind the M.E.? ;)

No; it's s briefcase full of surgeon's tools .....

What on earth...? Of course, the story behind this shot could be quite simple, but it looks like a metaphor or a theological illustration rather than a plain autopsy.

I see no obvious cause of death, nor any reason to even think the lady is dead. The juxtaposition of Youthful Death and Aged Life looks like a concept, not suitable for a George MacDonald children's book but very much the same mood. Reminds me of his book Lilith, actually. [Full text available here: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1640 ]

Is there any associated information with this photo?

The Guerin photos I've seen were meticulously staged. The corpse is probably a very much alive model.

See today's photo.

Thank you. Yes, looking at other Guerin pix I see what you mean. I am relieved that the lady was (probably) alive when this was shot.

Of course, I still ask myself other questions, like "Would I put shelves of valuable books only a few feet from an autopsy table?" or "What is the doctor doing to her arm? Is that how one begins an autopsy?" But we need not deal with those questions here.

The book case sure looks like a painted screen to me. I'd vote for an allegorical photo, rather than documentary.

Very interesting...but I also believe she is alive. She appears to be holding her feet straight, the fee of the dead are for the most part relaxed and thus "Flare" out to the sides. Grim

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