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Friday, October 29, 2010


This is a classic example of how poor our judicial system is functioning. Next the judge will say that her fetal sibling is responsible for future reduced mommy time.

This Judge should be admonished into using COMMON SENSE and LOGIC. Wouldn't any psychologist be able to verify that 4yr olds need supervision and can not be held responsible for certain things? If not most due to their under (and still) Developing minds and personalities???

What a loon.

If a child misbehaves, it is the responsibility of the supervising parent. Until they are at least 12. They aren't legal to be left alone until around about that age.

This may sound catty, but I have observed that even the supposedly "full time" mommies now (as I was at home with my own kids till they were in full day kindergarten) tend to be distracted. Perhaps because so many are on their cells, or yakking with friends? But also, I have noticed that as the majority of kids endure day care, or sitters, the standards of public behavior deteriorate. For example: what kid of arrogant jerk lets their kid ride a tricycle on a city sidewalk? Walk to park, then ride there. Is the sidewalk your child's playground? An elderly person should be able to walk safely without a kid on a trike barreling along. Many parents think that their kids take priority over all others (think restaurants these days). My own family dotes upon children but they were expected to walk holding a parent's hand at all times when aged four on a city street. Precisely so that their erratic movements might not trip someone up, and so that they might not get lost or grabbed. It is the parent's job to supervise a child and make them behave, not the community's to watch out for the child. You know that I love kids.

That poor old lady. From the time my kids were tiny I badgered them about being careful not to bounce and jostle in public, because of the frail elderly (partly because of their grandparents, but also because parent has to assume that little people are impulsive and rambunctious.

Yet the child is too young to enter into a legally binding contract.. hmmm. When did we, as a society, fall into this trap of litigating, rather than parenting? If children came out as adults, (1) we'd have no more adults, because it's painful enough giving birth to an 8.5 lb baby, let alone an adult, and (2) those children wouldn't need adults! I still run around behind my four-yr-old trying to keep her from putting things in her mouth. Lawsuit? She can't even put her own shoes on her feet correctly 99.5% of the time!

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