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Sunday, January 23, 2011


A fascinating piece of history, but not entirely surprising, after all, even though Jefferson and co. were from the the favored class they were progressive in outlook. It seems the new threshold for being conservative is now really regressive; returning to the feudal system.

One issue that is used by those opposed to the health care plan: the federal govt can not impose a requirement that all purchase insurance and a car license etc is imposed by the state, not by the govt. On the other hand, the govt imposes the draft and the income tax, yet not everyone "qualifies" to pay up for those items.

I wonder if any of our congressfolk know of this bit of history? If so, does it temper their view(s) of healthcare reform? I agree with Bear's view, in principle. However the future is here. It is not all we thought it would be---more, in some ways; less in others---but not all. Populations are huge and growing. Financial pressures on superpowerdom are daunting. To coin a phrase which might apply to physics or quantum theory: complexity is staggering under its own weight---a scary thought, unless there ARE turtles, all the way down.

I would have liked to have confidence in health care reform. I worry though. It seems obvious that socialized medicine or anything like it cannot work in large populations, with economies dependent upon the capitalist model.

I would expect that someone would come out and say this. Well, I just did. There you go.

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