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Sunday, January 09, 2011


How do you argue with religion, where anything is possible when people decide it is so?

We should let those barbarians stew in their own nutty beliefs and get out of Afghanistan. We have no chance of doing much in that "country" so long as Pakistan is a sanctuary for Taliban and jihadists coming accross the borders, and we know that supplies make their way from Iran to Pakistan to Afghanistan.

Our main concern of course is that that country does have nukes and is constantly at odds with India, another nation with nukes, but a nation that more nearly is a democracy and is sane.

What is most alarming about Taseers death is that the assassin and the groups of clergy marching in his support belong to the Barelvi sect.
The Barelvis are the majority sect in Pakistan and have been considered moderates and generally peaceful. They have been opposed to the Taliban and their allies and have been the victims of terrorism and assassinations themselves.

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