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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I noticed this last summer in a Lunesta sleeping pill ad. The visuals were soothing and lovely, with the prettiest sequence accompanied by the reading of the side effects, which I found disturbing.

That anyone would use the stuff, knowing some of the effects could include headaches and chest pain, daytime drowsiness (huh?), decreased sexual desire, painful menstruation, painful or frequent urination, aggressive behavior, auditory and visual hallucinations, worsening of depression and suicidal thoughts, perhaps only proves that sleep deprivation really is torture. At least side effects did not include Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, which though rare is a real deal-breaker for me when considering meds.




AstraZeneca is hitting the MDD-Depression scene hard and heavy w the re-marketing of the antipsychotic Seroquel as an antidepressant. On Twitter, you'll see they have a locked acct (must request to view)that offers "help" and AstraZeneca's 800 number to call for assistance. Now, why would a major pharma company such as AZ want to offer depression support?


The drug is a horse tranquilzer antipsychotic w black box warning for diabetes, in litigation for injury to ppl for diabetes/death, and they are pushing the drug fast--for time running out on the patent.

Profit before patients, patent extension for profit and not patient safety is AZ's method of op.

The most alarming thing about the Seroquel ads are that innocent ppl who do not know the drug's history, or that it is a powerful neuroleptic w a scandalous background to the FDA approval process (buried and skewed data, DOJ fines, emails stating big wigs tried to bury diabetes findings, Study 15, Wayne MacFadden trading sex for information...)that is being promoted as an antidepressant--the drug has been part of cocktails that killed US soldiers, and more.

The ads need to be pulled from the DTC marketing place and Seroquel needs to be pulled from the market, instead the FDA approves it over and over again... buyer beware.

All good points. Black box warnings have been growing for a number of years, probably beginning with warnings about tobacco and alcohol use/abuse. I feel blessed in that I do not need to use anti-depressants; anti-psychotics or any of the plethora of psychotrophics available to those in need of such. Previous commenters have said it all, reducible to three words: Economics, commerce and profits.(greed is a value judgment and, therefore,an individual matter)

Remember the other thing that AZ says in their commercials: they state that if we have trouble paying for their prescription medications, they may be able to help. Isn't that comforting?

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