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Friday, January 28, 2011


That ain't all. In 2010 FEMA worked with state government in anticipation of more ND flooding.


So when the snow melts, will these yokels still have houses?

I was in the ninth ward about 4 months after Katrina (and have been back regularly since). I have never seen anything like what occurred down there. Block after block of houses utterly destroyed and gone-- picked up off their foundations and moved into the street, or folded up and made into matchsticks, or dropped onto a neighbors house.

I've lived in places where an ice storm knocked out the entire power grid (no electricity at my house for 10 days!), seen all kins of flooding, tornadoes, and storms, and even hurricane damage.

I have never seen anything like what happened to New Orleans, and that damage was really man-made (flaws in the flood control structures).

I know you are aware of this, but the email takes my breath away. And the difference in kind of what happened in N.O. always bears repeating.

The tea party view of the world doesn't just seem to involve a failure of empathy-- it involves people not even able to understand their own situation.

This old thing has been bouncing around the Internet since Katrina if not before. Certainly before the current administration. The locale changes and the tea party piece is new but this is a tired old piece on urban legend and it is racist to boot.

Sounds like the seven years I lived in Canada. Life there was pretty much based on a healthy mixture of self-sufficiency and looking out for one's neighbors. Since I have only read as much of the email as you posted, I do not know what else it contained and cannot form any opinion about its intention towards minorities and poor people. I did not find the slam at affirmative action and folks who get welfare benefits racist. Sometimes it is those who read between the lines who miss the bigger message.These comments may not make me popular. That's OK. I can take the heat well as the cold.

Since I live in Canada and have for 40 years (my whole working life) I must say that your portrait of "a healthy mixture of self-sufficiency and looking out for one's neighbors" is true, but maybe not the way you intend. Lots of our "looking out for neighbors" is engineered through social services and government regulated ("Crown") corporations, and although we help each other on an ad hoc basis (you never go more than a couple of minutes waiting for a battery boost in midwinter) we also have created institutions that do the same sort of thing, cheaper and more smoothly.


Shameful North Dakota residents who passively waited for rescuers instead of swimming to safety. They look like retirees who sit around waiting for their government checks, so why not wait for government to rescue them from the flood?


N.O. residents show them how to do it.



PERHAPS the sense of being self sufficient might also account why those good folks do not believe in or want any changes that might help slow down global warming, a situation that makes them more likely to face more and more and bigger and bigger storms.

The entire story is a bogus. There was no historic 25' storm. The Tea Partiers trade in lies.

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