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Friday, February 25, 2011


Gaaaaah! That story made me FURIOUS! What a waste of good breast milk. I nursed all three of my kids exclusively and feel really strongly that human babies should receive human milk, not food for bovines or soy. If you read the list of ingredients in formula is it any surprise that kids today have higher rates of allergies?! There are instances where the mother is on psychoactive drugs, has a disease, is a drug addict or alcoholic or genuinely has a poor milk supply (most women who say they don't have just received bad nursing advice and have not nursed often or long enough, got enough rest and fluids)--in these instances, formula is necessary. If a woman has to go back to work also. But the idea of wasting pumped breast milk on ICE CREAM!!!! It should have been given to sick preemies and to those babies whose mothers cannot or will not nurse. The antibodies and nutrients are more needed by babies than by grownups.
Parenting is about more than food, and plenty of lousy mothers breastfeed, and wonderful mothers give bottles. But I do feel that breast milk is too valuable to be wasted on ice cream.

I've been laughing for 24 hrs over "free range mothers" what are those? LOL!!the whole story is just wild!

Here's another article, w the 'free range mother' quote & wild pics of how the item will be served ! I hope the moms who donate dont eat a lot of garlic foods! it all passes thru!

Forgot the link after hitting send

Icecreamists restaurant in London has a new flavor. http://bit.ly/euBFC9


They use only cage-free, hormone-free, grass-fed mothers.

ha ha ha!! Dr X

Well, I am not emotionally invested in this issue, but I do agree with the doctor: I'd rather have the peanut soup-- or some boiled peanuts.

Popular culture spawns one anomaly after another. Some of them pass as mere fad and frivolity. I suspect Baby Gaga may go this route. Other phenomena, which on first blush may have appeared vain and self-absorbed,alter the fundamental organization of change itself. It appears that social networking falls under this category.

To imagine that regimes entrenched for decades could fall after private citizens began to talk to one another, en masse, is an astounding development. Communication has become the sword of the oppressed. Sorry---I got carried away with comparison. If you want to buy and eat Baby Gaga, go ahead on. Who knows, it might have latent immuno-specific properties we don't know about---might even slow down human aging. Wouldn't that be coolness?

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