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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Those comments were good.

I thought a remark by one of the journalists was astute. The person reminded us that there are perspectives here that date back as far as the 12th century (or earlier). One cannot tar all Egyptians---or middle easterners in general---with the same brush. I heard the suspicion that the autocrats hire brutal outsiders from other countries, too. One also sees this perspective issue in the attitudes of the autocrats that seem to think of themselves as beloved fathers. Surprise, surprise, the commonn folk are no longer amused by such nonsense.

What warms my heart is to see that---despite 3+ decades of this kind of rule---there is still evidence of common decency. Or are they learning it from the experiences of their disporas coupled with ultra-modern communications? It is good to know that common people need not become as nasty as the autocrats.

I believe there must be a thread of decency in people that resists degradation by the unscrupulous. I am pleased to see this thread is there in Egypt and the other places that are now making news!

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