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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


(Yawn.) This entire matter has gone beyond absurd. Donald Trump is a moron and Republicans, tea partiers and other malcontents ought to just get over it. Mr. Trump: you're fired. Did I mention, (yawn?)

(This coming from someone who did not vote for either Obama or McCain...so call me anything you like, except partisan or late for dinner.)

When our shih-tzu Sammy comes in from the backyard without Klingons sticking to his fur he is proud of himself. Unlike Trump, he actually has done something to be proud of.

A Bear,

Now there is a defining image for Trump. And I know all about that. Had two shih-tzus in an earlier life--a black & white and a gold & white. Very cute dogs, but cleaning front and back ends was a constant chore. And there was endless combing unless you shave them, which makes them look really strange.

In my city's great home newspaper, the editorial cartoon (by some artist named Stahler) featured an elephant in a suit, holding an article regarding Trump's faux pas(singular and plural) concerning where Obama was born. The punchline was: Mr. Trump, you're fired. Well, good. How original was that? Not so much.

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