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Sunday, April 17, 2011


I do add the egg and am guilty as charged for using cottage cheese in the manicotti mixture I make!


Cottage cheese... that'll be 50 lashes with a wet strand of spaghetti.

ha ha!

I most likely will not survive the spaghetti lashings after I tell you I purchased frozen Trader Joe's Arancini today! but thanks to this post I recognized them, and could pronounce the name!

My poor children grew up on all the low fat versions of classic dishes I amended to lower the cholesterol (to make them healthier for my husband, who hates "healthy" food). So I'm guilty of the cottage cheese (blended in the cuisinart to get rid of lumps, it can make a passable cheesecake) in lasagne, etc., part skim mozzarella, etc. They find restaurant versions too greasy and salty as a result, but when I make them with real cheese, they gobble up third helpings like jackals. Don't ask, don't tell...Human beings are genetically primed to go for fat, sugar, salt...oops, gotta find another outfit for work. This one shrank in the closet last week.

Okay, you can use cottage cheese, but I must insist on drawing the line at cannoli. That would just be wrong.

If not ricotta,mascarpone would be permissible.

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