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Saturday, April 23, 2011


I am pleased that Professor Kennedy is among those academics and others who are questioning the economic status quo (or, as my brother has re-captured it: STATE OF QUO) in these United States. I am a simple man, not nearly so well educated as many, but I have watched developments though several decades now. My assessment is commensurate with my observations, experiences and opinions. (OEOs) I'll try to state it as succinctly as possible:

1) Our system of economic distribution is based upon hierarchy---much as are world systems which dictate class membership; subordination of groups based on race, sex and religious choice; and generally recognized principles which govern power vs. the lack of such. More simplistically: there are supposed to be those who have and those who have not. It has been going on for as many millenia as there have been self-conscious human beings.
2)There would never be any percentage in changing this state of quo. Too many generations have invested far too many sons and daughters to allow for anything resembling a utopian/Marxist-Leninist socialist system. It just wouldn't be fair to the ancestors. This might be comparable or equal(?) to one of Richard Dawkins' extended phenotypes---but don't tell him I said so.
3) Moreover, there is the matter of progress and status as a world power---in a world that recognizes and worships power and disdains, discounts and destroys anything less,one nation or culture cannot simply say: this is leading to annililation; the world is decaying faster that time can rebuild it; we are dropping out. Poor form, you see. Too far a departure from that reptilian brain we still all possess. It just isn't done on any large scale...

I am happy that people write books about matters of economy, philosophy, anthropology, physics and all the other wonderful things I enjoy reading of. I have written some few items myself. It is nice to dream. I read today that some eminent scientists have given us about ninety (90) years. Good. I won't be around. I used to worry about that.


But isn't taxing wealthy people class warfare?

Probably so, AB. They might suffer some if taxation were to impact them more than it does. But, I suspect they would weather the storm. Somehow.

Both the Bear and the Carpenter deserve hearing and consideration. The Carpenter makes a good argument against pampering the wealthy, taxation wise. The Bear, rightly so, says we should not penalize rich people because of their ability to make more money than the rest of us, calling that another form of class warfare.

But, all things in balance, class warfare is what civilized people do to one another. And to weigh one form of it as more (or less)justifiable than another is pretty narrow, regardless of your ideology.

We are what we are and we are damned proud of it. Ultimately, the pride thing is destructive. History has shown this time and again. And we still don't get it.

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