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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Thanks for the link and article. I feel similarly to you and Professor Kennedy and am reminded of an incredibly simple saying: everything in moderation, including moderation. Not exactly related to Professor Kennedy's thoughts but that's what popped into my brain.

I do find it disappointing that not everyone is able to see that there are plenty of instances in life where two or more parties can be "right", and that compromise can so be objectionable to the concerned parties at times.

For me, life seems easier to handle and more enjoyable when people are open to working towards mutually agreeable solutions rather than digging in and refusing to budge, though there are times that call for us to do so (or seem to require it).

A small point of distinction (if I am not completely wrong here): IU I take to mean Indiana University. Purdue is another Big Ten school in a different location, isn't it? Maybe I'm missing something, contextually speaking. Also, I am not certain of the spelling of SHETL. I read about those communities as part of an introductory sociology course in 1968. Oh well---spelling change I guess. Mao Tse Tung is now referred to as Mao Ze Dong.

Sorry. I digressed. There are more than two sides to every story, argument and position. I have contended that the practice of consensus is largely useless because consensual outcomes are painfully diluted versions of what would have been best for everyone, or, to reprise the ancient parable: A camel is what we got when a committee was formed to fashion a horse.

I just don't think like everyone else. Can't help it. I was born this way---oops, hope I have not infringed upon someone's copyright. That would be, uh, Fearsome(?)
Or perhaps OWsome.

Hmmmmph, said the camel.

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. IUPUI

IUPUI---yes, I have heard of it. Thanks for clarification.

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