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Thursday, April 14, 2011


You once told me that a comment I had submitted was not nearly too edgy to be included in your blog. I will not lament Catholicism and the Catholic Church, because to do so would merely beat a dying horse...the control of vast sums of money changes with evolutionary expansion, but as we know, mortal lifetimes are meaningless in that long view: 200,000 years is but a blip on the historical radar screen.

So, I try to ignore organizational religion. It might behoove more of us to do so---we know what to do and do not need clerics to guide us. On the other paw, as long as we behave as children, we will burn ourselves on a hot stove. "If you want to know where you are going, first be certain of where you have been."---anon.

My comfort is in knowing we are not 'perfection's perfectness'*, and shall never be. Do not need to be.

Just said.

(* Sea of Consciousness, Seals and Crofts first album, circa 1970)

Edgy sometimes, but always polite. I enjoy your comments.

Wonderful post.


Thank you

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