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Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I find that Hedgehogs are also almost unable to hear what Foxes say-- they assume everyone speaks from one point of view just like they do, and so when a Fox speaks in a nuanced way (which is the essential language of the Fox, isn't it?) the Hedgehog just hears hedgehog-speak.

I think of myself as a fox, and sometimes think that a hedgehog reading what I have written perceives something like a cartoon of it.

Given this data a certain cable news outlet should change their name to Hedgehog News!
Common sense would dictate that those having a well balanced view of the present would be better at predicting the future. This study seems to confirm this.
An interesting point brought up is that critical thinking skills appear to trump sheer volume of education. If that were stressed more in school systems the world would, in my opinion, be a wiser and better place.

Is that the new Faux News logo?

I concur with what AB has offered. I could give several reasons why, but the readers and commenters of/on this blog would be insulted. I like being in league with smart people---so, I'll simply concur and say that experts are not all they think they are. Never have been. Never will be.
My prognostications have been pretty accurate over the last 10-15 years or so.

I'm just glad I am not an expert.

Whether we are considering pundits, talking heads or both, there is one factor we should not forget: hot air is only marginally different from smoke. Those who blow hot air do not concern themselves with the believability of their gaseous pronouncements---unless they are novices or incompetents. Smoke blowers are very concerned with who believes what they are saying.Plausible believability is far better than outright rejection---it will buy time and if the smoke is blown long enough, someone may just think it is true.

This is tenet number one of political discourse and also works in other arenas of discussion, which I will not ennumerate here. You can use your imagination.

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