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Sunday, May 15, 2011


I know nothing about Asperger's or about bilingual persons with Asperger's. What I have learned is that unilingual (English-exclusive) Americans tend to be paranoid, even hostile,regarding bilingualism. This knowledge came from a thirty-year association with civil rights law and case resolution. Now, my attentions are focused on something Locke wrote hugely of in his essay: human understanding. If I have the time and energy, or if it seems it might further my own efforts, perhaps I'll approach code-switching. If not, the subject will not suffer from my absence.

I am certain of that.

Check out Steven (Stephen?) Pinker, the Canadian whiz-kind. Seems to know what he is talking about. But he is a linguistic scientist, not a doctor. In the field of psychology/psychoanalysis--- no lo conocer.

How did the bear get out of the woods?
He did not. There are no woods in the Arctic. But, you'll have that, sometimes.

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